Every now and then, I feel like my reviews here get so specific that I forget to mention the every day items we’re using. And I wanted to have an excuse to share a photo of my little man.
Here he is this Memorial Day weekend just chilling out in the baby pool I purchased from Walmart ($3.68, gotta love it!).
He’s wearing a Baby Basics Sun hat from Zutano – I recently got a bunch of Zutano clothes I’ll be reviewing but I had to preview that I just adore these hats.
They are big bucket hats and they shade baby well. They also come in a ton of different patterns and colors, up to 24m. You can find it at Bugs and Blossoms, use coupon code MWS07Z for 15% off your order.
He’s also wearing a swim shirt and trunks from Old Navy – I particularly love the lobster trunks as I think they look like something you’d see at Vineyard Vines, only they came from Old Navy for a lot less money. (I don’t currently see them on the site but we also got these Hibiscus print ones and they are currently on sale for $10)

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