“Wake up sleepyhead!”
It should be me saying this to my kids but more often than not it is my four year old, bouncing on my sleepy head, long before I am wanting to get out of bed.
Kid’Sleep Classic is a product from Europe that was created for sleep loving parents such as myself. Most young kids are not able to read a clock, but they can read a picture with a wake up indicator. The Kid’Sleep clock prioritizes two things – time to sleep and time to wake. A digital display on the side shows the actual time but what your kid sees is a waking or sleeping bunny. This lets them know what they are supposed to be doing.
My son liked that the bunny is illuminated at night, making this clock a friendly night light as well. He was happy to have this guide. The clock also features a gently chirping alarm, to wake your child if needed. I was tempted to set it for 4 a.m. as payback but then I realized that this would totally backfire when Mr. Sunshine started a whole wake mommy up routine of his own.
We could all use a little extra sleep, and this is one more way to make that happen. Sleep well!

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