Despite the fact that I’m not the craftiest of Moms, my kids love to do crafts.  I’m always looking for cute, easy and cheap crafts options when I’m at Michael’s or AC Moore.  And while I try and keep it affordable, I always seem to spend $30+ every time I walk into Michael’s or any other local craft store.  Who’s with me?

Love this new craft option for kids with  For $19.95 plus free shipping, you can get a shipment of two crafts for your kids.  Each box comes complete with everything you need for your children for the craft – paper products, instructions, scissors and whatever else you may need.  Each box is geared at kids ages 3-6 (although as you can see from the photos, my almost-8 year old was doing these with his 5-year-old brother and having a grand old time).

Our box contained spinning tops and paper to draw additional spinning tops which was neat.  The kids had a blast making fun creations that looked totally different once they spun the tops:

Drawing the top for the spinner

End result - his design

What it looks like when it spins

Fun design from my almost-8 year old

After the tops, we worked on our framed stained glass creations. My boys LOVED this, it was really easy and clean up was a breeze!

All the materials spread out

Laying out the stained glass

Laying out the stained glass

Finished product - neat, huh?

Sign up for monthly shipments or for one box only as a gift at (Love this for a gift to send the grandkids from some grandparents!) Each month is different so you’ll never get a dup!


  1. I’m off to check out the website, hopefully they offer a multi-child discount, I’ve got a school load of kids 😉 Thanks for the ideas!

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