On our recent trip to Disney World, the Huz and I went over to Epcot for drinks, dinner and fireworks. It was calm. It was quiet. And it was, believe it or not, romantic (we ate in France at the window during Illuminations).

Disney is contracted with KidsNiteOut.com as a babysitting service. So when you call Disney to inquire about hiring a cast member to babysit, they send you there. I checked it out, asked about their security and background checks and reserved a sitter.

Its not cheap, ya’ll. Understand that. Then again, this is Disney and you can’t expect anything to be cheap. But Nancy showed up exactly on time (maybe even a few minutes early) with a clipboard full of questions and a suitcase full of games. Awesome games. Fun toys. Exciting stuff for the kids to do and play. Nancy is a Grandmother and a former fulltime Nanny. She nannies with KidsNiteOut as a career because she loves kids. What more could I ask, right? Besides the safety of my children.

And they were safe. Very safe. Nancy is on Disney property several days and nights a week. She knows the resort better than any visitor because this is her job. Its her life. She’s just one of many sitters through KidsNightOut.

Listen. Leaving your kids with a sitter is scary stuff. I get that. But its worth a call to learn about their babysitting program, right? See how you feel after you talk to their service and go with your gut. Believe me. My gut had a wonderful night out.

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