kidzsack My kids love having fun, creative activities to do. So when we were sent a Kidzsack, they were thrilled and so was I! Kidzsack is an eco-friendly backpack that comes with 8 washable, non-toxic markers which makes it a perfect reusable arts and crafts activity.

Here’s how you create with Kidzsack: your child colors the backpack with the included markers, then uses the bag for whatever they want (great for carrying around all sorts of stuff) and then when they want to color it again, just pop it in the wash and start again! How neat is that?!! It’s also made from 100% recycled fabric, made by combining recovered 100% cotton scraps and recycled polyester made from plastic soda bottles. Even the straps are made from natural fibers! Keeping my kids occupied and happy while waiting anywhere is always a chore, but I’ve been whipping out the Kidzsack and they have been so excited to color on their backpack! I’ve even brought it out at home when they are trying to interrupt me when I am on the phone. It keeps them busy for a while and they love coloring on it! The Kidzsack is offered in several different fun screen prints for coloring.

A 2009 Dr. Toy Winner, this cinch sack is made in the USA and is a high quality, multifunctional, and durable bag that kids will love to grab on the go! Perfect for keeping a sibling occupied and happy at their older sister or brothers sporting game, purchase a Kidzsack and bring it along!

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