Every now and then I receive a product that makes me say, well this is just awesome. I had that reaction when I opened up the samples I received from Kleen Slate.

Kleen Slate makes dry erase paddles and products. The dry erase marker fits into the handle of the paddle and the possibilities are pretty endless with these paddles. Today, we used one of the paddles with my 8-year old. I quizzed him on his weekly spelling words and he wrote each word down and then held them up for me.

You can see in the picture to the right that they are double-sided. There’s a plain white board on one side and notebook lines for the other to practice handwriting. My son was particularly excited about this as he’s been recently learning cursive so he likes having the boards to practice with.

Kleen Slate also sells Classroom Sets. Love this! What a perfectly fun way to learn – teacher can ask a question and the kids can answer by holding up their written answers!

My kids are having a blast with them. My 8-year-old has not only been using them for his spelling words but to practice his cursive, which he is newly learning. You can see what fine message he wrote to me on the right hand paddle in this picture – the one on the left was my 5-year-old, whose very gratious brother helped spell out his message. They make me laugh.

Order Paddles and Markers from KleenSlate.com. The Round Paddle is $6, Rectangular $7.


  1. cute!! what a clever idea.

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