Hubby’s bound to love having to put this one together Christmas morning. And despite the age listing on this product (8+), I’m so excited to have Nate unwrap the Double Ferris Wheel from Knex. The last time we were in Toys R Us, we literally spent half our time in the store standing at the Knex Ferris Wheel display.
Both he and his younger brother were fasinated, and despite the older crowd it’s apparently targeted for, I thought this would be a fun project for he and Dad to work on together.
It has motorized wheels, spins in opposite directions and is over 3 feet high. I know the kids are going to be fascinated. (Where we’ll put it is another matter entirely!)
It’s sold for $29.99 on the Knex site but you can also find it in-store at Toys R Us. Watch the commercial on YouTube to see it in action (it feels a little cheesy and informercial-ish but it’ll show you guys how it works if you’re interested).

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