Disney’s releasing it’s Platinum Edition to the classic Peter Pan tomorrow, March 6th. I have to say, lately we’ve been on a big Disney kick, watching all sorts of Disney movies both old and new. I was startled watching some of the older ones I watched as a child – Dumbo, for example, which has some completely scary and mean scenes that I didn’t remember that definitely aren’t the type of thing you want a toddler watching.
While it’s definitely apparant that Peter Pan is from the 1950s, I didn’t find it as scary as some of the other Disney movies of that era. Even my 3-year-old pretty much knew the kids would make it home in the end.
And I love the appeal of the movie – as an adult I can definitely relate to wanting to never grow up in a way I didn’t as a child (With dishes in the sink, laundry to be done and kids screaming in the background – who can’t relate?).
Anyway, it comes out tomorrow and is on sale right now on Amazon for $16.99. Eligible for free shipping when you purchase $25 or more.

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