Prepping for a party can be stressful. You want everything to be perfect for your little darling but you may not be sure where to start or who to turn to for an adorable personalized photo invite.

I’ve found many of the card companies out there to be overwhelming. Many is the time when I’ve sat in front of a screen, dazzled by the choices and paralyzed with indecision. I didn’t know what to do. ┬áThere was no one to hold my hand. With the exception of entrusting my child’s photo to a friend who is a designer, I’ve never had any luck ordering photo cards online.

And then I met the owner of Kreative Lil Invites. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail won me over immediately! I loved all the options she showed me for our holiday cards. We went with a classic Hanukkah design but were really tempted to put ourselves in this snowglobe! Kreative Lil Invites did such a beautiful job with my holiday cards that I know I will be calling them again.

What I like about their site is that they offer a great range of choices, but not so many choices that I start to feel like I am writing a dissertation, instead of creating an invite! Browse through their themes – if you don’t see exactly what you want, they have the flexibility to work with you for a completely custom card. They won’t leave hanging. That personal touch is so wonderful.

If you are planning a party, announcing a move, welcoming a new baby, or looking for a better source for next year’s holiday cards or wanting personalized notecards made, check out Kreative Lil Invites.


  1. Yasmin Rocco says

    Great review! Kreative Lil Invites IS wonderful. I plan on using them in the very near future.

  2. Craig Reicho says

    They have some great things. I cannot believe we do not have more custom places in this day and age.

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