Image and video hosting by TinyPic I recently attended the launch event for Kung Fu Panda World from Dreamworks, hosted by Alphamom‘s Isabel Kallman. This browser-based online world lets kids play games, chat with friends, trade goods, master kung fu styles, get a pet or explore the Kung Fu Panda world. Chose from 3 kung fu styles (Tiger, Monkey and Panda) — each offering a different game experience. More styles will be introduced in the future.

Features Include:

  • Locations from the movie, plus all new areas to explore. Characters featured are Po, Master Shifu, and The Furious Five.
  • Goal-oriented activities and games.
  • Kids will be able to find their friends instantly with an mapping system, making it easy to play, chat and explore with them.
  • Kids can choose from over 18 million combinations for their Kung Fu characters, including names.

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I loved the safety features. As a mom of a 4 1/2 year old who now uses the computer regularly — I liked the Parent Panel. It lets parents oversee and manage their child’s account. Parents can choose how much time (including daily access) their children can have and parents can see their child’s progress on the site.  I also liked that it’s browser -based, so nothing is downloaded or installed. Also, no personal information is solicited or shared and chat is filtered and monitored. The site closes at 9pm every night. 

Parents can purchase a monthly subscription ($5.99 per month), but before committing, the site does allow a child to try it free for the day.


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  3. As a mother of 2 boys ages 11 & 9 who both loved Kung Fu Panda World I decided to join as a Member and pay the $5.99/mo. The boys played it for a couple of months and then the interest died off. That’s where the trouble started — I tried to cancel my recurring monthly membership. I emailed KFPW received a reply back saying to call this number that I needed to cancel over the phone. Twice I tried the number, twice I received a recording, I left messages. No reply. I ended up having to call my credit card company to put a stop payment on. A lot of frustration for something that should have been simple. So while the game is fun I just wanted to share my experience with others regarding the membership cancellation policies of this company.

  4. Rebecca Davis says

    I am having the same problem as Regina V (above). For a month now I have been trying to cancel membership for my son as he now prefers Club Penguin and does not use Kung Fu Panda World anymore. I have sent numerous emails to help/support and can never get a “live” person when I call the number, so I have to leave voicemails, of course which have received no response. And they are still deducting the membership fees out of my bank account! I have no choice but to escalate this with further legal action. Needless to say Kung Fu Panda World has no customer service and seems to be a scam, so BEWARE to all considering joining!

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