It’s just a couple of weeks ’til both of my boys head back to school.  I’ll have one in 4th and one in 1st grade, which pretty much blows my mind since it goes so fast!  While preschool seems like only a minute ago, I also feel like I’m a seasoned Mom with back to school shopping but I wasn’t always!

I still remember attempting to go shopping for back to school items with my oldest was entering 1st grade. It was the first week of school and I had come from the Back to School night with the teacher and found out there were some items I needed to get.

What they don’t tell you?  There are things you just can’t find by early September.  I was told he needed to have all of his books covered with translucent book paper by the end of the week. I went to all of my local stores and they were sold out everywhere.  I was all excited to actually find it on Amazon – or so I thought.  I ordered it – it came and it turned out I had ordered white and not clear.  Mom fail!  That year, I had to borrow from a friend who had been more savvy and shopped earlier in the summer.

Lesson learned:  be prepared with back to school.  Some tips:

Shop early for the popular items!  Clear book covers.  Jumbo Book covers.  If your kid needs a special kind of ruler, get it early!  Items like crayons, pencils, etc will always be available.

Let your kids help.  I never realized my kids had an opinion about their school items but they do!  And it makes school much more fun for them when they have picked things out. Last year my son picked out a Skull Book Cover that I thought was awful!  He loved it so much he had me save it and will be using it again this year!

Label everything.  Every kid’s going to have pencils, crayons and similar items to what your child has.  That first year, we lost everything!  It’s not intentional – something falls out of their desk, another kid thinks it’s theirs and before you know it, your child’s school items are gone.  I am an insane labeling person now and since I started being neurotic with the labeling?  We lose a lot less. (Except pencils.  I joke with my kids that there’s an invisible pencil monster in the school that eats them all up.  I have no idea where they go.)

Bright Start Kids is a great option for getting various sized labels for your child’s school belongings!  As you can see from the picture, they offer a Back to School Kit that I especially love because it offers a variety of sizes for things like shoes, assignment books, pencils, erasers and more.

They have stick on labels as well as iron on. Stick-on labels are extremely durable, so they’ll withstand the wear and tear of dishwashers. They’re 100% waterproof and scratch resistant. They’ll stick to most kinds of plastics and will stay stuck for years. When you’re ready to remove them, simply peel off and no residue will be left behind.

Iron-on labels are quick and easy to pop on to all your kids clothing. They will stay stuck in the toughest washing machine and clothes dryer cycle, and will still look great in years to come.

I also love the Bag Tags!  How cute are these?

Shop Bright Start Kids and you can save $5 off when you spend over $40 plus FREE shipping on all labels. Enter promotional code “SCHOOL” in the checkout.

Put a label on it! Kick off the school year right and prevent unnecessary mishaps. Reply below for $5 off your Bright Star Kids order.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids.  The opinions and text are all mine.


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