Need a powerful daily electric breastpump that won’t break the bank? That’s why we like Lansinoh’s Affinity Double Electric Breastpump (price range $135 – $159). It’s pretty compact, can run on AA batteries (if you have nowhere to plug it in) and does exactly what you need it to do! It features independent adjustable cycle and suction.  It starts in the Let-Down phase and switches to the Expression phase after 2 minutes. If your milk lets down sooner, then push the Let-Down button to switch the pump to the Expression Phase. The breastflanges were soft and ultra comfy –they have special purple rubber outer rims to the breastflange, which ensure a good seal which aids in the suction. Purchase the larger size flanges if you are a DD cup like me.

One of my favorite features was the built-in bottle holders on the purple pump unit, so I didn’t knock the bottles over (yes, that’s happened to me before and I do cry over spilled milk). The pump is designed for everyday long term use and I was really happy with how it performed. It’s guaranteed to prevent milk backup in the tubing & pump and everything is BPA free. The pump comes with two extra white valves, two bottles and caps for pumping.  It doesn’t fit the same size bottles I have from another company, so I recommend purchasing more bottles if you plan on pumping often. I wish that I could use Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags to pump directly into, but they do not work with it (too bad, because I love them).

All parts can be steam-sterilized in a microwave bag except the tubing which never needs to be cleaned or sterilized because it does not come into contact with breastmilk. You can also use boiling water to sterilize as well.

If you are going to store your milk – here are the guidelines on the Lansinoh website.

Thank you to Lansinoh for providing the Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump for product testing purposes.


  1. *love* this pump, and its less-purple cousin, the Ameda Purely yours. I dont know why so many women lug around the giant PIS with its extra battery compartmenbt. I use to use a insulated lunch bag, have the pump in the top, all the pieces in the middle, and a skinny ice pack in the bottom w/ the bagged milk — perfectly small and easy to carry!

    I just wish the parts were easier to find in a store (although with the Lansihoh branding, maybe they are now!!) – I ordered about 8 extra valves and 2 diaphrams after an unfortunate episode with the garbage disposal :0

  2. oho, and also as a coment to the reviewer’s wish about pumping right into the bags, I personally found it easier to pump into the bottles, set them right into the holder that’s built into the pump, and disassemble and then pour. The bottles are pretty tippy when the tubes, flanges, etc are all attached, and lord knows we dont want to be crying over spilled milk!!!!

    The little bit of extra washing and the few drops left in the collection bottles were worth the ease for me.

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