Still doing some last minute shopping? I’ll say this – I started earlier than I have this year and thought I was done until I did a last minute panic shop a few days ago. Cole mentioned something that he REALLY (big emphasis on the really) wanted and it was totally off my radar so Amazon Prime came to my rescue there.

I’ve come up with a list of a couple of last minute ideas for your kids if you’re still looking for 1-2 extra gifts for them but not sure what to get. My guys were challenging this year for sure. They have a lot (too much!) and honestly they don’t want much these days other than cash or gift cards so I made it a bit of a challenge to myself to find some cool items I thought they would like.

By the way, everything I’ve listed below is either from Amazon (where you have like 2 MORE days that you can STILL order and get free shipping before Christmas on) or somewhere that has shipping available to arrive before the big day.


Stick Stack – this one will be under the tree for us this year. I received it as a sample but thought it looked like a great family all-play game (think along the same lines as Jenga) and is something a little different. You can get it at Target in-store or still online with expedited shipping!


Nate (13) is getting this book on Show Me How to Survive. It’s totally up his alley as he loves watching any sort of Survivor/Alone type tv show. It’s actually a serious book but full of great animated photos that I think he’s going to like flipping through. And bonus – he’ll learn some cool survival facts that he hopefully will never need but you never know…


He’s also getting the Zombie Survival Guide because like I said, you never know. 😉


For older kiddos are creative and love their computer, this Huion USB Pen & Tablet is awesome. Pair it with animation software like this Anime Studio software and they can create all sorts of fun goodies for hours.


I saw the Extraordinaires Design Studio at a local store & came home and did some reading up on it. I LOVE the idea of this product which really sounds like it fosters some serious creative thinking and problem solving. It doesn’t have a ton of a reviews but those that are there are glowing.


Make your own tree with the Yard Tree Kit. Nice little craft for a snowy day!

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-09-10-am If you’re still looking for a bigger ticket item for a big kid on your list, check out the Mebo Robot with his awesome claw arm.

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-12-03-am screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-10-18-30-am
For kids who like Pokemon and have a Nintendo 3Ds, you may want to think about Pokemon Sun or Moon (or both!) being under the tree this year!


Can’t go wrong with the Amazon Dot!


I saw Strawbee’s at my local Barnes & Noble (so forgive me B&N for the Amazon link) and it piqued my interest as it was in the early childhood STEM learning section. It’s a cool building kid for ages 4+ but Iliked that it seemed age appropriate for a wide age range. (Could totally see Nate, at 13, playing with this!)


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