Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 4.48.24 PM Is it totally shameful that I kind of want one of these for me?  The Orbeez Body Spa ($49.99, is an inflatable seat that you fill with Orbeez beads (6000 come with the product!)  They are soft and the chair vibrates while you sit in it – helloooo comfortable?  It runs on C battaries and the idea is that you don’t use all 6000 beads at once but a little at a time and you can use them over and over again.  It’s a perfect tween or teen girl gift!  They also have one for your feet too!

What are Orbeez? Orbeez are wet, wacky, squishy, magical, and most of all, fun! Orbeez are small spheres that absorb 100 times their original volume in water over a 3-4 hour period. Non-toxic, odorless and safety tested!


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