Looking for a last minute gift that is sure to be a hit? You can’t miss with a Leapster2 Learning system from Leapfrog. There’s still time to get it there by Christmas if you order from Amazon, in the next 48 hrs.
Over the last few months Leapster has become a part of our lives. My four year old son, an emerging reader, got a Leapster 2 unit and a bunch of games prior to a long family road trip. It was his first plunge into the world of handheld educational electronics. He dove right in, and has been swimming happily since.
I have to admit that I was skeptical about giving him a Leapster. My daughters had the very first Leapster unit several years ago, and never played with it much. It went through batteries too fast, was heavy, and prone to malfunction. Because of this, I’m sorry to say, I’ve mostly stayed away from Leapfrog products until recently.
But this time around it’s a whole other story. They have won me back. The unit is smaller and lighter with a big bright screen, and is immediately kid-user friendly. I have to ration out Leapster time to my son. Often he continues to “play” the games even after the session is over. In the supermarket the other day he was identifying veggies and what we could make with them, acting out scenes and recipes from the Leapster game “Ratatouille”. He’s learned so much spelling, math, reading, and language arts skills from his Leapster Games that I’m concerned that he’s not going to have much left to learn in Kindergarten next fall! It is amazing how easily these things “stick” when they are learned as part of a fun game with recognizable characters. His favorites include Diego, Spiderman and above all… Wall E!

One thing that is really unique about the Leapster2 is that it is the only handheld preschool gaming system that connects to the LeapFrog Learning Path—an online, interactive tool that allows parents to see what their child is learning. As kids play games on the go, they “unlock” rewards online on the LeapFrog Learning Path site. They can connect online to see their rewards as well as play additional fun games and learning activities. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to get detailed updates on the skills their kids are mastering, games they are playing and questions they are still working on.
More reasons to love Leapster 2:
* The vast library of games – there is something for everyone
* The broad age/ability range – this is a gaming system that will work from about age 3-8
* The durability & size of the games themselves (Lets just say that someone’s big sisters have Nintendo DS’s. And have lost every single teeny tiny little ds game that I have shelled out the $ for!)
Leapster sells storage cases and accessories for the Leapster 2. Leapster 2 is also compatible with all previous model games so you won’t have to give them up if you already own them.
If you are in a bind, looking for a last minute gift that will not disappoint, I cannot think of a better recommendation than the Leapster 2. Get it at Amazon quick! It’s on sale as of publication – marked down $10 off MSRP.


  1. I’m glad you gave Leapster another try! I also use the Learning Path to start conversations with my son about the games he plays–it’s so handy to see the questions he answered.

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