Looking for a few little gifts to fill her stocking?  Need something small for a friend?  Here are a few last minute ideas:

grippies Keep mom on her feet with GRiPPiES products.  These adhesive grips are perfect for pregnant moms to prevent slipping.  I’m not always wearing shoes or slippers when I’m home.  With a house full of hardwood floors and the instability of a 7-month pregnant belly, adding GRiPPiES to a few pairs of my socks has really helped to keep me upright!  They offer two lines of products: iron on adhesives and peel + stick adhesives.  GRiPPiES can also be used for kids’ socks and tights.  Once applied, they are machine washable and dryer safe.  GRiPPiES retail for $5.99 and can be found at Target stores, Buy Buy Baby, or grippiesonline.com.

With all the stuff that travels with mom and baby, it’s difficult to stay organized and quickly find what you need.  The binker last thing you want to do is crawl around the backseat looking for a missing binky.  Bella Tunno’s best-selling Bella Binker keeps binkies close and clean and is simply designed to take up minimal space – no more life-size giraffe and teddy bear clips!  Bella Binkers are made from grosgrain ribbon with a simple silver clasp and velcro loop.  There are almost 100 stylish designs to choose from to make a child’s outfit funkier and a mom’s life easier.  They retail for $8 and can be found in more than 4,000 boutiques nationwide as well as online at bellatunno.com.

balm Help mom pamper herself for a good cause with Perfect As Is Lip Balm.  This ultra-moisturizing tinted lip balm is 75% organic, and all profits, after taxes, go to support women’s health advocacy and human rights issues.  The .25 oz tube has a fatter than normal packaging making it easy to find in a messy purse/diaper bag and simple to apply.  It smells and tastes delicious thanks to the rosebud oil and stevia it’s infused with.  It feels smooth and silky for hours after application and has a sheer pink tint to add a bit of color.  Perfect As Is Lip Balm retails for $7 and can be purchased at iamapeacekeeper.com or at select Parfumerie Douglas.

Give a naturally sweet mom some naturally sweet snacks.  Peeled Snacks are individually wrapped servings of dried peeled-snacks fruit.  The snacks have no added sugar, oils, preservatives or other fillers and provide a full serving of fruit.  These organic snacks are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  The small packages are quick and easy to throw into a diaper bag for a quick, healthy snack.  They’re not too sweet like many of the other dried fruits available today. You can buy them individually or in gift packs with cute gift boxes or, my favorite, the Cute-2-the-Core Gift Box which includes one of each flavor as well as an adorable onesie. Available flavors include apple, pineapple, apriocot, mango, banana, and cherry. Peeled Snacks can be purchased at Whole Foods, Amazon.com, Nordstrom, or at peeledsnacks.com.

skid Mom doesn’t have to change her shirt after a deodorant mishap. With just one wipe of a Skid Out sponge, deodorant, drips and drool simply disappear. This specially-textured sponge has no need for moisture and is not treated with any chemicals. It’s safe to use on almost all fabrics. Use it to remove toothpaste stains, baby drool, pet hair, deodorant skids, and makeup smudges. Best of all – it really works! This small round sponge is perfect to throw in your purse and keep in the bathroom where most of these mistakes happen. The sponges come in packages of two and retail for $4.95. They can be bought at Nordstrom stores or online at drugstore.com and garmentguard.com.

Samples of these products were provided for review on Mommies with Style.


  1. Me and my boyfriend have been using stevia for a while now after reading about it at this blog and think its great! Now i can’t drink my cappachino without it! i love the fact that its shortens recovery from cold and flu too

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