Hey guys – only two weeks left on our Spring Shopping Guide! There are tons of great shops, coupons and more on this page so shop today.
A sampling of some of the stores & coupons includes:
Joia Products, the Mommy Cover and more, coupon MMWS08 for 20% off
Aimee J – scrapbooking – “mommies” for 15% off
Mom4Life – all sorts of great maternity, nursing and infant products, use this link for 8% off
Lapin Vilardi, travel bags and accessories, 15% off with coupon MOMWITHSTYLE
Visit our Spring Shopping Guide to see these stores and more.
Also, we’re now accepting placements for the Summer Guide. If you’re an advertiser and you did not receive an email with rates and info and wish to do so, please email us at summer08@mommieswithstyle.com.


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