I’ve been a bit delinquent with the recent kids movie round up. Here’s a few releases from the last month (or coming very shortly) which are worthwhile:
Fireman Sam: To the Rescue – my boys love this relatively new one (to the US); we watch bits of it on Sprout, so they were of course thrilled to have a DVD of it. It’s $11.49 on Amazon.
Disney’s Phineas & Ferb: the Fast and the Phineas – releasing next Tuesday, July 29th. Preorder it on Amazon for $13.99.
Disney’s the Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School – also releasing next Tuesday, July 29th. The preorder price on Amazon is $14.99.
Barney: the Best of Barney – This one isn’t coming out until September 9th but I got a couple notices about it, and if you (or your child) is a Barney fan at all, it’s something to note. 20 years of Barney, all in one DVD. You can pre-order it on Amazon for $17.99.
Strawberry Shortcake: Rockaberry Roll – I had to mention this one because I loved Strawberry Shortcake as a kid. That, and my little sister (who was red-haired and freckled-face as a kid) went on a local talk show in Boston and won an award for being a Strawberry Shortcake look-a-like. (You knew I’d find a way to work that into this blog someday Ab!) Anyway, apparently Strawberry Shortcake is still around and entertaining millions of girls. Her latest is this DVD, which is releasing on August 12th. It has a great pre-order price, you can order it for 40% off listing, for $8.99 if you order it soon.
Lil’ Bratz: Party Time! – I’m not quite sure what these “lil’ Bratz” are all about (again, Mom of two boys, I miss these things) but they seem to be everywhere and popular. They just released this interactive DVD which seemed like a cool concept – you plan a party with the Bratz but picking out invites, picking music and more. (it sounds kind of like Choose your Own Adventure, but online) It’s $11.49 on Amazon.
the Wiggles: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing — the latest from the Wiggles features new Wiggle Sam Moran. It’s releasing next Tuesday, July 29th and has a great pre-order price (40% off) of $8.99.
Veggie Tales: Big River Rescue — just released, about “Tom and Huck’s” adventures. $13.99 on Amazon.
Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Collection — I love it when my kids are entertained by something I used to watch as a child, it makes me seem just a little less *old* that I really am. This one has a release date of August 26th but you can pre-order it today on Amazon for $19.99. It’s a 2-disc set with 22 Care Bear episodes.
The Best Birth: Childbirth Preparation for the 21st Century — not a kids movie but I thought it was worth a mention. I received a sample copy of this instructional DVD and it seemed a useful DVD. I never took a childbirthing class when I was pregnant with my first and I really regretted it when my emergency c-section took me by quite a surprise (as well as labor. Because, damn it hurts and no one can really get that through to you until you experience it for yourself – or at least take a childbirth class and understand what’s coming a little better.) So the Best Birth teaches both Lamaze and Bradley methods, while including personal experiences from Sarah McMoyler, a 20-year-plus experienced nurse and birthing coach. Buy the DVD directly on the Best Birth site for $34.99. It runs for over 3 hours long. (If you can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail, check out the Best Birth Webcast for instant gratification.)

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