Remember back in January when I posted about Mud Room Organization?  Our front foyer has been a dumping ground for kids shoes, backpacks and jackets for years and I CAN’T STAND IT.

Hubby had started talking about us giving our laundry room some sort of “mud room” functionality – in other words, make the laundry room (the room that’s away from the normal stream of traffic in our house) the dumping ground.

I looked at a few options and fell in love with a proposal from a rep who came out to visit from Closets by Design.    She spent over an hour sitting at my dining room table drawing up prospective blue prints and tailored our unit to exactly what I asked for.  (Two cubbies – one for each of the kids and one extra smaller cubby for the cats stuff.)

We went ahead and booked an install.  It wasn’t cheap.  I actually got cold feet about 48 hours into it and called her to help me shave the cost down a little, which she happily did.

If you have a handy guy who is into doing shelving from Home Depot, it could probably be done more affordably but this was a great option for us.  Our rep designed it all – recommended things based on space available, and set the entire thing up.

We had to wait awhile – they are in demand so it was almost a full two months before they were able to come out and install but they finally did yesterday and I am IN LOVE!

Here is a picture of it from the side.  It’s hard to get you guys a full photo because the laundry room is so small but you can get idea of how fabulous it is now:


We added hooks to the side of each the cubbies.  They can each hold up to 100 lbs; we wanted heavy duty for the backpacks and all the books.

Also, see the long silver drawer pull?  Those drawers dip down and out and we are using them to store the boys’ gym bags for sports.

I’m sure it’s going to take the kids some time to get used to not just chucking their stuff on the floor when they first walk in but I am hoping that knowing that they each have their own cubby along with some regular pestering from me, we can have a nice organized space and keep the front of the house clean and presentable.

Check out if Closets by Design is in your area!  And be sure to check your local coupon flier; ours had a 40% off coupon which helped a TON with the final price.


  1. It looks fabulous! May just call them myself. The idea of organized living is a nice one.

  2. It looks fabulous! What tremendous organization.

  3. whit – new system looks fabulous! love it!


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