tagpar61137image350 We’re huge fans of LeapFrog products in our house and our latest craze has been with the Tag and Tag Junior reading systems. While the Tag books teach everything from reading comprehension and listening to spelling and rhyming, two new sets of books for the Tag will take your kids’ learning even further.

The newly released Tag Learn to Read Phonics series has two collections to choose from – Short Vowels and Long Vowel, Silent E and Y. For $19.99, each set includes 6 separate books that teach vowels sounds, phonics skills, word recognition, and reading basics.  These sets are geared for kids age 4-7 though I can tell you my 3-year-old has loved exploring the books – even if he hasn’t quite grasped vowels yet. These books are a bit shorter than other Tag books, but are still chock full of activities and learning fun.  Plus since they are smaller, they don’t take up as much room on your Tag. (I think I was able to fit all 6 Short Vowel book on plus 4 other regular Tag books.)

Don’t have  Tag reader yet?  Right now at www.leapfrog.com Tag readers have free shipping! The new model ($49.99) includes a larger memory to store 10 books and is also available in pink. Or pick up one of the original size Tag (holds 5 books) for only $39.99.

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