Microwaves, for most of us, are a love hate thing. You can’t live without it, but you don’t love how it cooks food. We’ve all been there. Faced with that so so meal that’s far from just so. True Cook Plus technology is changing that though – for the better!

Seriously, does anyone ever stir and uncover halfway through the cooking cycle? Or let the food “sit” for x minutes after it’s “done”? Every single time? We’re impatient people! If we were patient we’d be heating the pot pie in the oven, the old fashioned way and eating it in an hour and a half. We’d love it if we had the time. But we don’t. So we compromise and eat food that’s less than ideal. Yuck! Why do we do that?

To be fair, it’s not always your fault that your microwave lets you down. Half the time, even when you do follow the directions to a tee, the results are spotty. The food is colder in the middle. Scalded on the edges. It’s not ideal and it’s also not safe. You don’t want to eat food that hasn’t been properly heated/cooked and you risk salmonella, do you? Scary stuff!

Why is this such a problem in such a high tech world? You’d think something as simple as making a microwave meal would be simpler. But it’s actually been a tough nut to crack.

Microwaves are all different sizes and come in different shapes too, that affect the way they heat. They come in different “strengths” as well. To further complicate the matter, your house has different wiring than one in another city and also, your microwave may be affected by things like whether the AC is running. If you’ve just cooked something in the microwave, it may take less time to make another of the same thing. Altitude also affects performance. So many variables! Are you keeping track?

Food companies do their best to write heating instructions for their foods based on an average of sorts. But with that many variables the instructions are often wrong for your microwave, your city, your home.

Enter True Cook Plus. This technology was designed to make it easier to get great, consistent results from your microwave. True Cook Plus is a smart chip that is being used in microwaves from Kenmore and LG. The technology allows you to press a button, followed by a code that tells the microwave EXACTLY how to make your meal. Everything, from your home’s altitude (you enter your zip code upon first use of the microwave) to the size of the oven, the size of the packaging, and more, are factored into creating a cooking program that will get the best results for the food you are making. True Cook Plus codes are starting to turn up on several brands of food – including some of the healthy ones we love like Amy’s Organics. Check out the True Cook Plus site for a complete listing of foods that are currently coded to work perfectly with these amazing new microwaves.

How easy is it? My six yr old can make his own food perfectly, without any additional instruction from me. It’s just one button to press followed by a four digit code. I’m not saying he’s ready to move into the dorm or asking him to make the family dinner, but I have to say that if my six yr old can do it, it’s super easy!

Best of all, no stirring or waiting.


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