20130717-115225.jpg 1996. That was the last year I was an official Mac owner was on what would now be considered an antique when I was in college. My first job out of college put me on a PC and I remember grumbling as I had to learn a whole new system.

17 years later and I’ve finally gone back. I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was thinking of getting a MacBook Air but was looking for opinions. Man, do people have opinions! People get very worked up about their system of choice!

After several days of feedback, I ended up with a souped up MacBook Air. I added some RAM and other goodies to get me the best of what I need to do with this blog and my social media gigs.

A couple of comments after less than 24 hours of use:

1) Mac’s are expensive. Geesh.

2) It’s shiny and sooooo purty. And so light!

3) There’s no right click. I mean, I KNEW there was no right click before I bought it – I’m not stupid. But. THERE’S NO RIGHT CLICK!

4) Everything seems much faster. Could be because I haven’t crapped it up yet with a bunch of nonsense but for now, I’m enjoying the speed.

5) I’m scroll challenged. *edit – I figured out how to turn on the scroll bar so it’s on always – why wouldn’t that be a default?  Geesh!

Any tips from your savvy Mac users for quick tricks as I transition?


  1. Use both fingers and click! Right click. 🙂

    I’m still scroll challenged in the new OS. You’ll get there. The lightness and prettyness and speedyness is SOOOOO worth it! Enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. Whenever I use a friends’ Mac, the right click gets me every time! I don’t know what I would do without my right click!

  3. I switch from PC to iMac about a year and a half ago, and suffered the same problem! Thing I miss most is the click to top or bottom of super long documents (i write novels), and the crummy way outlook works on it, but NOW? I can’t figure out how to type on a PC, lol! Enjoy, that thing seriously as light as air, a real beauty when you’re traveling!

  4. My hubby just got one after years of pcs and lives his. I’m a bit jealous of the speed.

  5. command + shift + 4
    press those three keys together and you will see crosshairs. Drag the crosshairs on your screen and it will save a screenshot onto your desktop as a png file. I use this DAILY!

    • Thanks Dresden! I had looked that one up yesterday too b/c I use the Snipping Tool on my PC daily and was like, OMG how do I snip a quick image for a post??? I wish there was a way to name it and save it to a folder before it saves to desktop… but at least this way it’ll force me to keep the desktop clean lol

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