It’s a new year, so why not try something new for lunch! For kids who brown-bag it at lunchtime, I found something really fun that will challenge their young minds as they chow down.

Learning Lunch Bags are standard brown paper lunch bags, but with a fun twist! With five different subjects and twelve grade-specific questions on each bag, these 60 questions are a great way to bring learning fun to lunchtime. Answers are printed on the side of the bag, so that kids can check their answers.

Questions focus on subjects that children encounter everyday in their academic studies: Spelling & Vocabulary, Mathematics, Science & Health, Language Arts & Grammar, and Social Studies & History. Each set of Learning Lunch Bags offers a unique opportunity for a child to challenge themselves in a variety of subjects, as well as at levels above their current grade level.

My children love their unique lunch bags and enjoy reading the questions and checking their answers. These great bags make lunchtime a lot more fun and my kids think it’s cool that they are filling their heads with wonderful information at the same time they are filling their tummies with food.

Children are always learning, which is why the Learning Lunch slogan is, “…because learning is as natural as eating”. Why not take this opportunity to add some learning to lunchtime! Each package, available at, contains 50 (two sets of 25) bags and sells for $6.95. Purchase four or more Learning Lunch Bags and receive Free Shipping!

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