Always on the hunt for workbooks and fun educational items to help teach both of my boys, I was happy to hear from Kumon Publishing.   Kumon publishes a series of workbooks to help teach early reading and math skills.

For my 6-year-old, I got him My First Book of Sentences and My Book of Money: Dollar & Cents.  The latter one has been especially great as he loves math and loves to count.  He’s gone through most of the book by now and has learned all of his coins and loves to just play with adding up change.  For my 3-year-old, I got Numbers 1-30, which both of my boys have loved. (Dot-to-Dot tracing and counting)

These workbooks are educational and fun.  Both of my kids have been treating these books as a cool activity rather than a learning one (when in fact, they are both.)

Check out all the workbooks available from Kumon on Amazon.  These are fabulous products for early education and homeshooling of preschool and elementary age children.

Many thanks to Kumon for sending workbooks for both of my boys to test out for this review.

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