There’s only one toy my 8-year-old plays with any more. See below. This pict is taken in the corner of our family room but there is also a similar pile in my bedroom and in his room (his room is practically filled). Each little pile of Legos is something – a dump, a battle station, a ship of some kind.

Anyone have any sort of display or storage recommendations? Because he gets mad when I try and put them away and the piles keep on growing! I think it’s pretty neat and if it weren’t for his brother, I think I’d consider getting rid of the rest of our toys as they sit untouched! Anyone else have a boy who’s obsessed with Legos?


  1. He even names his goldfish after legos!!! LOL.

  2. Definitely!! One of the best things I did was buy a “Lay N. Go” from Zulily when they had them, makes lego clean up a breeze they aren’t all over the floor for the baby to get into! He just carries the huge tote upstairs or downstairs or wherever he wants to play with them! I even got on of the little ones so he can take a stash when we take his sister to dance! 🙂

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