Throughout the years, I’ve tested out a lot of products and I have to say that one of the products that has stayed the course the longest are Legos. Both of my boys are obsessed with Legos and they play with them on a daily basis. I have Duplos out for my 2-year-old (Legos for 1.5 years plus) and the regular Legos for my 5-year-old. (Although they both play with each others’ sets)
If you want to buy a product that lasts for your kids, I can’t say enough about Legos. It’s just one of those things that are so obvious that I think we often forget to get our kids because they’ve been around so long.
One of the best sets I think to get is the Ultimate Building Set – which they have at Target and at Walmart (although both sold out online). It comes with a little book of instructions and building suggestions. My 5-year-old will sit for hours and follow their suggestions to put items together.
And, I was in the Lego store today in the mall and noticed they were having a sale – which I don’t see that much there. I went to check online and sure enough they have a few sales going on at the Lego store online. Of course, don’t be shocked that these aren’t the typical huge clearance sales I normally post about – but to me, just finding a sale at all is great. Because Legos are expensive so finding some good deals are key.

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