I’m no longer the mom of a baby. In the last month my youngest has found his feet and we are officially a family of 6 walkers.

Leo is not only a walker, he is a dasher, a runner and a jumper. He’s super active and I was looking for a soft, flexible, but supportive shoe for him. Something well padded and breathable. Very important! He has some sweaty little baby feet.

How could I not try out a pair of shoes from Vincent that were called the same name as my son? I’ve long been impressed by the shoes on the Vincent site, but this was my first chance to try them. For starters I was impressed that they have such a cool sizing system. You can print out a chart and really get the sizing right, even before you order.

When the shoes arrived, they were just gorgeous. So beautifully crafted, leather lined and just what I had been looking for. Supportive without being stiff, flexible without being mushy. These shoes definitely give my son more stability when walking. And he likes them so much that he sticks his foot out when he sees them and tried to put them on himself!

We’ll be ordering more of these as he grows. If you have a new walker, active toddler or school age kid you really need to check Vincent out! They make such a beautiful product at such a fair price. What a little shoe treat!


  1. Meg Rudnick says

    hey – the pic looks like your shoes are gold, which i love. i went to the website and i don’t see that they offer gold. can you confirm?

  2. The Vincent LEO style is available in a range of colors but not gold. It’s probably the lighting that makes the silver look gold-ish.

    Vincent’s current styles available in gold can be found here: http://www.vincentshoestore.us/shop/index.cfm?color=13

    All the best,
    Chris B
    Vincent Shoes

    P.S. There are also some great deals – up to 75% off – in our Closeout Cubby. See http://www.vincentshoestore.us/shop/index.cfm?onsale=1.

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