I’ve got a problem. It’s been too dry around here. I’m looking for a torrential storm so I can go puddlejumping with the kids. In style.
tattoocity.jpg Because I recently got a pair of these Chooka boots and it has changed my entire attitude about raingear. In fact, I will don these at the slightest suggestion of mist. High humidity days even. They are that cute. My daughter flipped out over a matching pair and would wear them every day if I let her.
Chooka boots are the sister of Western Chief, long a favorite brand in our home. My son was so obsessed with his Western Chief froggie boots that I had to get them out of the house when they were three sizes too small and he was still trying to wear them. He would have worn them to the pool in the dead of summer if I allowed it. I wasn’t sure why, until I tried on a pair of matching froggie boots. Yeah, thats right, I got me some froggie boots and I am going to wear them! Want to make something of it? They make me hoppy! And our family loves to match. Don’t forget to check out all the totally coordinated raincoats and umbrellas on the site. You want to see some really big smiles on your kids faces? Tell them you are going puddle-jumping in matching boots. Bring a camera. Because that’s a good memory for sure, right there.
Chooka boots and Western Chief boots are both extremely comfortable. I think this is what is behind my son’s obsession. He’s had other boots that were adorable, but according to his two year old feet, unwearable. I recently put my Chookas on to take the kids to school, and ended up wearing them all day long in the sunshine. Two of my neighbors flagged me and asked where they could order them. I felt like a trendsetter.
Bring on those April Showers, Mother Nature! We’ll be sure to put our best booted foot forward.

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