Have a great idea and no idea where to start? Or maybe you have already launched your dream business but are feeling like you could use a little advice and working-mom strategy from someone who has been there and done that? It can be so hard to get that from your regular peer group.
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Anderson from StartUp Princess. She hosted an informal gathering in my area and I was so honored to meet and chat with Kelly and other entreprenuerial woman including Debbie Savage of Baby Emi Jewelry, Carrie Lundell of This is Me keepsake journals, Jamie Dadant of Circle of Sentiments Jewelry and photographer Kathryn Le Boye.
If you are looking for a little sisterly support and inspiration in your entrepreneurial ventures you should definitely check out the Startup Princess website. You may even want to consider attending their conference next month.
I felt extra lucky last night as I won the drawing for a massage. And if there is anything a mompreneur can use, it’s a little stress relief!

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