The following post is done by a guest Mommies with Style member who wishes to remain anonymous but writes about something we will all have to deal with some day, so take note!
There are some things that I just foolishly assumed would never happen to a nice family like ours. Bubonic Plague, Locusts, Water turning to blood… your basic biblical plague stuff.
It started with an itch and a tickle on the back of my third grader’s neck. Followed by hives and more itching. Like any good mom, I administered Benadryl, and put the itchy kid to bed with siblings in their shared bedroom.
A full week and two sleepovers later, the itching and hives were still evident. And so was the real problem. The siblings were not having the same “allergic reaction”. We had caught a plague. Our kids (and possibly us too) had lice! Panic ensued. We sent out an SOS. Save our Scalps!
We were sure we’d never be free of the critters. We tried poison shampoos, considered bombing our house with chemicals the likes of which we’d normally want no part of. We purchased enough olive oil and mayo to dress several thousand salads, and poured it on our kids heads. We weighed the results others had had using Listerine and Cetaphil with the potential for hair damage and poured over the internet as we picked over each other’s heads like a pack of chimpanzees, combing into the wee small hours of the night. Briefly we considered shaving our heads and telling the neighbors we’d started a new religious cult. Didn’t thing they’d buy it. The laundry pile (all washed on high heat) was monumental. The hairbrushes were all boiled or tossed. And still we feared we’d never be free of our freeloaders.
The kids were naming their tenants. Mo, Harry and Jeanette.
Finally we got Happy Heads Bye Bye Lice Family Treatment kit, based on the glowing recommendation of a trusted friend. After all our research and our harrowing experience with mutliple other “cures”, This was by far the best, most effective, most pleasant and easiest-to- administer remedy out there. Simply shampoo thoroughly with the fresh smelling and feeling shampoo and wait an hr or so (or overnight if you wish), rinse, and comb with the combing conditioning solution.
Developed by a professional nit picker, this non toxic (to humans) lice killing shampoo actually smells and feels wonderfully refreshing (more pepperminty than tea tree oily) and improves your outlook and your itchiness immediately. It’s almost like a spa treatment if you can just forget for an instant, why you are sitting around with an herby head and a shower cap. The kit contains everything you need to treat the whole family (including comb and shower caps) and prevent future infestation. I corresponded at length with the owner of the company and she was wonderful, assuring me that we would indeed be lice free one day soon, we had only to continue diligently treating the whole family every few days for a couple of weeks and it would all be a memory. And she was right! Noone is more lice free than us now. I assure you.
The Happy Heads Treatment kit was enough to treat all 5 of us. It was an extremely economical and effective course of action, considering the number of people in our family, what is included and the cost of alternatives.
The one nice thing about a plague, is that it tends to bring a community together. After the initial fear that we’d have to join the witness protection program as bald converts, and the less than admirable late night blame games (maybe they caught it from ….X) we discovered that half the school was in the same ark as us. Itching up a storm. And it wasn’t just our little corner of the country that was a-scratching. We found fellow plague sufferers from coast to coast, timidly raising their hands and sharing their battle tales with us. We swapped remedies and war stories. What seemed like the worst thing EVER turned out to be a positive (if not fun) learning experience.
I’m no longer in fear of an outbreak. But if you see someone’s kids wearing their hoodies up at the movie theater, they might be mine. And if you see a mom spritzing her kids (and her own!) head with herbal lice repellent, don’t laugh! You never know when a plague is going to strike in your town!

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