lil Here’s a spin on a necessity. Lil’ Tag Alongs are stroller blankets or tummy time blankets with grommets along 3 sides to link toys to, so there’s no dropping from the stroller. It also makes for an easy change of toy to play with when baby is bored with the first-everything is always near by. Parents won’t need to search through for the another toy to play if there are several attached to the blanket.

Another bonus, the grommets can attach with links to the sides of the stroller so that in winter the blanket stays on the baby, rather than being kicked or sliding off.

Lil’ Tag Alongs are hand made to order in 10 cute fabrics with a soft minky fabric on reverse. Pick your favorite and order this month. They’re having a 25% off sale through September 30, no coupon necessary.

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