Time is my enemy. I have to wonder if there was ever truly a moment in my life when I was bored, or if that’s just a crazy dream I once had. These days, I’m racing here and there constantly. Someone always has preschool, a doctor’s appointment, a swim lesson or a music class. Or I’m picking up dry cleaning. Or going grocery shopping. You guys get the picture. Stretched about a million different ways, I never seem to get anything done to 100% satisfaction.
I’m beginning to realize that disorganization is definitely one of my time bandits. Often times, I’ll forget something at the grocery store and have to go back twice in a week – which definitely eats up a good chunk of time. Getting organized is something I feel like I can at least maintain a bit of control over.
Meal planning is a start for me. Julie and I have talked a lot about those dinner planning services – she did one for awhile and seemed to be happy with it. I’ve always wanted to try one, so I was excited to get a chance to try some of the recipe and meal planner cards from Lilyonthefly.com.
Lily on the Fly sells meal cards. The front of each meal card has a picture of the dinner, and instructions on how to prepare it. (and time – day before/day of instructions) But what I really appreciated too was the back of the cards, which organizes and lists each ingredient based on the section you’d find it in the grocery store. (Produce/meat/dairy) This was helpful when I was in the actual store. I grabbed 3 Lily cards as I was running out the door one day and tossed them into my purse. So while I was at the store, I flipped the three cards over and lined them up – I then I had a list of what I needed from each aisle, and by the time I was done shopping, I had 3 full meals in my cart.
And of the three recipes I cooked, everything was easy. (I’m no Martha Stewart – recipes have to be easy for me to get them right and these were just fine and good!)
Could I open up one of my cookbooks and do this all myself? Sure. But the reality is that I don’t. Which is why I love products like these: ones that are simple that make a Mom’s life easier.
Use coupon code MWS for a 15% discount. The starter pack (36 meals) comes with a 7-slot magnetic holder that you can put on your fridge, allowing you to plan the full week’s meals ahead.

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