Disclaimer: I taught my child the importance of oral health care with LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #besweetsmart

As I type this, I’m literally nursing my mouth wounds from having had gum surgery last week.  Yup.  12 stitches because I had to have gum surgery to deal with bad gums due to a combination of heriditary reasons and bad hygiene when I was younger.  It is my hope that in teaching my kids good dental hygiene, I can help prevent them from going through what I am going through now in another 30 years.

Enter LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE.  I got an awesome package of goodies from them in the mail to test out with my kids and hopefully make a part of their regular routine.  LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE is a post-brushing anti-cavity rinse.


-protects against cavities for 12 hours after rinsing
-strengthens teeth 99% more than they would be strengthened if they had been brushed alone
-2.4 times stronger than leading competitive brand mouthwashes
-fun themed bottles make it engaging for kids: Barbie, Avengers & Phineas & Ferb

A lot of people have floride in their water, which helps but is often not enough.  We actually don’t have ANY fluoride in our water so it’s great to have an extra rinse for my kids.  Fluoride suppresses bacterial growth and stabilizes the minerals that keep teeth strong.

Another tip from Listerine:  Sugary, sticky foods encourage bacterial growth and acid. Don’t allow your child to walk around sipping juice or milk—those contain plenty of sugar, just like soft drinks and soda. If your child wants sips between meals, water is the best choice.



So my kids love the Mint taste, which is a necessity because they aren’t going to use something regularly if they don’t like the taste.

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