So the baby has terrible skin. After having my first, I hoped for a second child with less sensitive skin than the first but I had no such luck. The baby has patches of eczema in a few places – on his ankles and wrists, several spots on his back and the worst is behind his knees.
I’ve tried various creams and lotions. Aquaphor, although it did wonders for his baby acne and to prevent diaper rash, did nothing. And all of the “traditional” and over-the-counter eczema creams have yet to help. The two items I’ve used now that have definitely helped improve matters are a hydrocortisone cream that my doctor prescribed, and Little Docs by Circle of Friends.
I’ve been using a combo of both so I can’t say if one would have worked on its own but I do think it’s a combo of both. I didn’t like the idea of applying the hydrocortisone so many times a day, so using the Little Docs at various times has been great as his skin reacts well to it and it keeps him moisturized.
You can actually find it on Amazon. I’ve been using the Calming Cream and the Cooling Lotion. There’s also a Shampoo & Body Wash that we have not yet tried. You can buy all three in a Starter Pack for $11; it’s eligible for free shipping when you spend $25 or more. Right now, you can also get a $10 instant rebate on Amazon when you spend $100 or more on Beauty products (this is considered beauty). Use coupon code Beauty10.


  1. Just tried littledocs on the kids…..Bad news caused a huge break-out on both. Be careful there are quite a few glycol based materials in the products. FYI

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  3. Eczema can be a serious problem if you do not take the time to treat it. Normally I have found natural cures to be much better when treating eczema. Mainstream medicines just are not that effective for curing eczema.

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