What’s the first thing a child learns to write? Even if you’re childless or have a newborn, I bet you can answer this one.
His name!
So I love The Little Stamp Company’s personalized ink stamps. Order a stamp in either Title Case or ALL CAPS with what ever name or word you choose. Rather than being a stamp that simply says the name, the letters are dashed, which allows for tracing assistance! So your little 2 or 3 year old will learn to write the letters by tracing them!
I’m so excited that Wesley just got one. With his and Carson’s birthdays coming, I was going to have Carson write both names on the thank you notes (they’re 2 years and 20 hours apart, so we do joint parties.) But how cute will it be when Carson writes his, and so, with the help of the Little Stamp, does Wesley?!
Love it!
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