Little Uni found a little niche. We all know how popular cutesy-t-shirts are. And we all know how much mamas and papas love their children’s names, especially seeing those names on everything. So Little Uni took those loves and combined them, coming up with a truly unique concept.
They personalize sweet and modern baby shapes with the message or name of your choosing. So, “ryan” can be on a green and blue stripe truck and “rian” can be on a pink vintage wallpaper flower. As a designer, you have over 20 choices of graphics and color-patterns, all mod and stylish. Available in sizes 3-6 months through 4 Years, the shirts fit snuggly; as usual, I recommend ordering a size up.
Also available are the same graphics with pre-created messages. A great idea for what’s-her-name. (As in, I know I have to order a gift for that little Smith girl’s birthday next week, but I can’t remember her name.) Or baby-to-be who will certainly need some adorable, original clothing.
You’ll want to gift a Little Uni to your little one, or as a gift to your friend or co-worker’s baby. And its a perfect first-birthday gift. Because its completely what you want. Completely unique. Completely for that little uni that’s going to wear it.

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