Little’s feet are small. So small, that it took many stores turning me away saying, “sorry, we don’t make snow boots that small” to make me give up on letting her go out to play. So sad for Little.


But last week on the way out of the mall, I popped into Stride Rite, asking them to measure her again. 4 1/2 made her big enough, finally, for a pair of boots! The salesperson recommended waterproofing spray, which I was quick to snatch up, and we ran home to spray.

She practiced wearing her Wallaroo boots the past few days, even wearing them dancing at music class with a cute little mini skirt and tights. Today, she tried them out in the ice on the driveway and in the snow. While she took some slides, there were no spills. These rubber-soled shoes had amazing traction and support for her ankles, and she stayed upright the entire time while playing on the ic e.

I was also concerned about her little toes getting cold, and snow working its way into the socks while playing in the snow. There were no complaints and when we finally came in about an hour later, her toes were dry, and fairly warm.

The Wallaroo boots are on sale at Stride Rite. If you’re little is dying to go outside and experience the snow, race to the mall and grab these. (Just make sure you spray them with NAME first. It takes 24 hours to set in, but she’ll be a snow-bunny by the weekend.)

Or order from Shoebuy where you can use code WINTER15 to save 15% and recieve free shipping.


  1. Cute boots for a cute Little lady!


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