accidentallycbs Everyone loves a field trip. Even more so when it involves celebrities and unprecedented access to the writers room, set and an on set look at a popular new sitcom. Last Friday night I had the privilege of attending the first ever on set CBS tweet up.

I joined fellow bloggers live on the soundstage during the taping of Accidentally on Purpose. We also go to meet with the show’s writer’s and creators. I told my “Accidentally on Purpose” story live on Whrrl if you are interested in seeing all my snaps from the set.

While on the soundstage I learned some interesting things about tv. First of all: TV Sitcom work is hard work! A very pregnant Ashley Jensen and Jenna Elfman worked late into the night, filming several scenes multiple times. Second: They do use real food on set. And real furniture, “stuff” etc. I know that seems silly, but tell me you haven’t wondered?!

The sets on Accidentally on Purpose are all gorgeous. I could move right in. They are also very realistic – down to the stuff on desks and the food/beverages in the cafe. The crew seemed worried that a few of us bloggers might dig into the donuts, but we managed to behave! We kept our hands to ourselves for the most part. Even when standing next to Grant Show. Such restraint.

Accidentally on Purpose is modern and witty. ┬áThe jokes are funny, and the pace is fast. The conversations are clever, and the chemistry on set that you feel live, is also what you get when you watch the show. It’s clear that everyone there is enjoying themselves and are all smart funny people, on or off the screen. The cast is enjoying working together and the camraderie is infectious.

The show follows the story of a late 30’s writer, Billie (played by Jenna Elfman) when she ditches her commitaphobe boyfriend and then gets knocked up (accidentally? on purpose?) during an “empowering” fling with a much younger man, Zack (played by the adorable Jon Foster).

Billie and Zack find themselves in a series of awkward but humorous moments that never fail to disappoint. Adding to the mirth are ┬áthat Billie’s friend Olivia (played by Ashley Jensen) and sister Abby (Lennon Parham). I seriously look forward to the banter between these three actresses, it never fails to disappoint. Jensen’s Scottish deadpan jokes are always hysterical. Fans of Ugly Betty will remember her fondly from that show. Lennon Parham is quirky and dippy in a wonderful way as Billie’s sister, and you never know what she will say next. You may have seen her in Confessions of a Shopaholic, where she played a lapsed shopping addicte. Rounding out the cast are Grant Show (formerly of Melrose Place) as the convincing hunky,playboy, commitaphobe boss and Nicholas Wright as Zack’s silly stoner friend Davis.

Although actress Ashley Jensen is also currently pregnant, the show is not writing this into the story line. They are taking the Seinfeld/Julia Louis Dreyfuss approach to filming around the pregnancy. Elfman, who is also currently pregnant, was filming without the need of a prosthetic. She looked absolutely fabulous, and is clearly excited about the new arrival. We chatted briefly about baby names and her son (who paid a surprise visit to the set – adorable!) Story. Jenna said that she and her husband do indeed have a name picked out for this baby. Initially they had the same struggle that many of us go through – we pick out the perfect boy or girl name only to find out the baby is not going to be that gender. And then we are blank. She said that a name just came to her after finding out, and when she spoke to her husband, he had somehow spontaneously come up with the same name. We can’t wait to hear! Given her creative name choice with Story, we’re certain it will be fabulous. We also cannot wait to hear what name the show’s creators come up with for her baby on the show.

If you have not had a chance to catch Accidentally on Purpose, and you like to laugh, tune in! The show airs on Monday nights on CBS. Check your local listings.


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