Dear Crayola,
I have a suggestion for a new color: LIVESTRONG yellow.
You see, a few days ago, a friend stopped over. Still standing in my foyer, at least 20 feet from my dining room table, she exclaimed “Oh wow! I didn’t know LIVESTRONG makes housewares!” I followed her gaze to my LIVESTRONG yellow serving platter (also called “extra long plate”) that adorns the table. Of course, there’s no other yellow in the house. And the LIVESTRONG platter grabs attention, adds a splash of color and, obviously, is noticable.
Chantal cookware, best known for their modern style of cook and kitchenwares has been producing cookware for years. Sturdy with fine lines and simple design, Chantal brings style to your kitchen.
But this year, Chantal teamed with LIVESTRONG to introduce the new LIVESTRONG Collection–all painted, of course, LIVESTRONG yellow. There’s a gorgeous tea kettle, an infuser, mug, plates/platters, and more. With the sale of each piece, Chantal donates 5-10% of the proceeds to the Lance Armstrong Foundation–a foundation founded by Lance Armstrong to “inspire and empower people with cancer.”
The cook and servingware is available online at the Chantal website, as well as . During the holidays, quite a few family members will be opening boxes full of LIVESTRONG yellow ware. In fact, I’m certain so many families will be purchasing these products that LIVESTRONG yellow will be in the vocabulary of many 2nd graders when they learn about the colors of the rainbow.
Thank you, Crayola, for considering this new color to your box of 64. I’m certain “yellow” won’t mind being changed a bit for the cause.

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