As you guys can probably guess from the lack of posts this weekend, I was pretty much offline over the 3-day Holiday Weekend.  We went up to the Hartford, CT area – where most of my roots are from, and where my 91-year-old grandmother lives.

One of the days we were up in town, we decided to take the boys to the somewhat new CT Science Center in downtown Hartford. I was so impressed by the experience that I knew I’d be writing it up. 

In layman’s terms (i.e. my own non-science-oriented opinion), this center is a family-oriented spot dedicated to letting kids and families get hands-on as they learn about the earth, technology and innovation.  I’ll let the pictures (and my captions) do the rest of the talking. 

The Science Center is v. eco-friendly. Everywhere we were reminded to think about the earth & to respect its limited resources.

This sign was at the front of the children's section

Putting balls into air pipes & watching them travel the room

This apparatus had a constant trickle of water coming down. The kids were encouraged to sift the "sand" and form dams & bridges to experiment & see how man can and has learned to control the flow of natural water resources

 Overall, a great time at the Science Center.  Other tidbits worthy of a mention: We also attended the 3D Movie – Wild Ocean, which was fab.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria, which was more like a high-end bistro – would totally eat there again, just for the meal!  Oh and we got half off on admission tickets because my Dad was with us – he’s an army veteran and they give discounted prices to people who served and their family!

Highly recommend visiting the CT Science Center to anyone who lives in the Hartford area, or who will be traveling there in the near furture.  And if you can’t get there, at least follow their pet box turtle – he has a Twitter account (imaboxturtle)!


  1. Thank you for visiting us, we posted a link to your blog on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our tweeting turtle is excited also 🙂

    Twitter: @CTScienceCenter

  2. Judy Pomeroy says

    Article says it all. What a terrific museum for any age. Enjoyed the many exhibits ,spent several hours and still not enough time to see it all. Much to see and do and learn.
    Definitely a return visit is called for.

  3. If you liked the science center, make sure to check out The Children’s Museum in West Hartford next time you are in the area. Very kid friendly, free parking and a safe and fun atmosphere. There are over 100 live animals, a planetarium and a brand new exhibit with flight simulators!

  4. Thanks Cindy – we almost did! We’ll definitely come by next time. We’re up a few times a year so we’ll head to you next time.

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