yhst-11823213985946_1926_10.jpg It’s hard getting your Fashion Fix when you are a new mom. You don’t sleep, you call peanut butter on a spoon or a character wrapped string cheese stick “lunch”. We all know this. Some of us try and fight it, but rare is the mom who does not have her special outfits that work for day into night. And by this I don’t mean a work sheath that doubles as cocktail dress. I mean sweat pants. Or if you are above all that, yoga pants.
Which is why smart moms rely on accessories to keep the chic going after too many 4 am feedings. The right sunglasses, the hot stroller, the cute shoes, and the gorgeous bag that says “I still totally have it together”.
Ironically, the time I would most recommend breaking out the spectacular Million Dollar Baby Bag by Susan Fitch, is when you don’t have it all together. When you feel fuzzy and frumpy around the edges. For those moments this bag is pure fashion espresso. It will wake up your tired sense of style and keep you looking sharp. The supple leather, the brass studs, the classic boxy purse shape. .
You all know I am a stickler for functional details too, so I will take a moment to praise the designer for figuring out the perfect strap drop length. I have talked extensively with women from 5 ft to close to 6 who own this bag and all agree that the straps on this bag are the gold standard. All bags should have these straps. They are comfortable and the bag just hangs exactly where you want it – not too low or too high. It’s just the right size to pack all you need for the day but not so big that you are taking out the other patrons in Starbucks as you make your way down the latte line. The leather and hardware quality is exceptional. You won’t lose your keys or curse at the bag for not having enough pockets, although I classify the smaller outer ones as more for looks than major function (they do serve as a perfect lipstick/gum stash pocket). Nevertheless, the bag performs perfectly offering up what you need when you need it, without any traumatic black hole moments. And yes it has nice little metal feet, exceptional interior organization and a waterproof lining. So there. But back to the fashion.
Susan Fitch bags are known for their style. They are a red carpet celeb staple and have been featured on shows like “Desperate Housewives”. “Gabrielle” carries a Susan Fitch bag. And you know she’s all about accessorizing with the right pieces. She knows that a nice pair of designer sunglasses go a long way to making her look hot in her yoga pants (not to mention actually doing the yoga, but one thing at a time!).
I don’t usually recommend a baby bag as a fashion prescription. But applied correctly, the Million Dollar Baby Bag is just the right medicine for a mom in need of a pick me up. It delivers on it’s promise, making you feel like a million bucks.
Mommies with Style get your Susan Fitch Bag at My Little Ducks. Enter the code SAVE15 for 15% off sitewide. And while you are there be sure to check out the fantastic holiday clearance specials on designer boy’s clothing. You’ll both look like a million!

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