While pregnancy may give you a glow, having a newborn certainly does not. And a lack of sleep and poor eating had definitely taken a toll on my skin. I was just about to make an appointment for a facial when I got a chance to try the Facial Rejuvenation System from DermanNew. Wow. I review a lot of products and get a little skeptical about product claims, but this one has lived up to its namesake.

While many beauty products understandably take a few days, weeks even months to see results, I saw a change immediately with using the Facial Rejuvenation System. I tried it for the first time at night and immediately noticed that my skin looked smoother, plumper and fresher – like a good run or a romp in the hay would do. I usually use a cream cleanser with little exfoliating micro-beads in it and twice a week use a microdermabrasion stick product, so my skin is used to exfoliation and I didn’t imagine would see that big of an impact. But I did.

I was even more impressed the next morning after using it. Though my newborn tends to sleep pretty well, the night after I used the system for the first time was a doozey. He was up, I was up and the next morning I tentatively looked in the mirror to gauge the under-eye bags and sallow skin, when – lo and behold! – I looked fresh! Downright radiant! I was completely exhausted, but my skin looked great. Better than it had looked in weeks.

How it works: The products comes with a dual-sided, vibrating resurfacing tool. One side has a brush for deep cleansing with your favorite cleaner, the other side a foam pad for the microdermabrasion. Dot on the included microdermabrasion creme on your face, turn the tool on, and buff and polish your way to gorgeous skin. Two minutes, twice a week.

If you have acne-prone skin (like I have post pregnancy), you might also like the Acne & Oil Clarifying System which comes with the same resurfacing tool but a different creme with salicylic acid. It’s easy on the skin, but again, produces great results.

I’ve now used the Facial Rejuvenation System four times and continued to be thrilled. My skin is smoother, I have fewer breakouts, my makeup goes on easier and I have a glow! And a newborn! Those things don’t usually go hand in hand.

For about the price of one facial, you can own the Facial Rejuvenation System or the Acne & Oil Clarifying System and give yourself skin that will say, “What sleepless night?” Welcomed news to any new mom.

$70 at www.DermaNew.com

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