B000HKDE7Y.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgBoy, has my world changed since having children. Gone is MTV along with any other station I once youthfully deemed as cool. I now chuckle at how I used to turn to these stations to figure out what was hot. But Iíve grown up. Now, I get my trend-setting tips from little blue puppets on tv. Especially when it comes to whatís going to be hot in the music world. Yes, Jack of Jackís Big Music Show fame, is now my go-to trend hunting guru for all things music.
I could say that I was slightly depressed about this shift, but strangely Iím not. Hey, what can I say? The torch has been passed. Plus that little blue puppet and his sidekick Mel, have a great track record for knowing whatís going to be hot among the pint-sized music demo.
So, while some of you sit there and ponder the question of my sanity (sheís seriously using a puppet to spot trends?) Iím going to introduce to you a pair of brothers whose music is as imaginative as it is energetic. And yes, I credit Jack for introducing me to their music.
Damien and Tourie Escobar of Nuttiní But Stringz are sparking the imagination of people everywhere with their amazingly fresh blend of classical violin with hip-hop. Trained at Julliard, these brothers are a truly remarkable group. In Struggle from the Subway to the Charts, these brothers beautifully blend together two seemingly incongruous music forms. It makes a mother proud. I canít tell you how utterly refreshing it is having something I can listen to with my kids that is so energetic and frankly, just so plain cool.
Plus, I love the message it teaches: that my children can find success in following their passions (even if others think their ideas are silly at first). No one would have thought that hip-hop and classical violin would go together but Nuttiní But Stringz imagined it and achieved it. Now thatís something to admire.
So pop in their CD. Oh and next time little Johnny or Jayne complains about having to practice the tuba, nudge him or her and say, ďMaybe, just maybe, you will one day make the tuba cool again.Ē Hey tuba players, Iím rooting for you!

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