I’ve slowed down on reviewing movies and music lately, but when we view a movie that gets a “Mom! I WUV this one!” I know its worth a second glance.

The Look Out World DVDs each focus on a different major city. (We have the first, NYC, which is great for us because Middle visited there this winter and is a bit obsessed). 

We join the story as Otto, the world adventurer, Blink, his fuzzy brown bear, and Casey, his friendly suitcase,  travel through and introduce kids to the city.  Watching the DVD today, we traveled on a taxi, walked through central park while interactively exploring our surroundings (“now you try tapping like a woodpecker!”) and saw the Empire State Building, which we learned is the tallest building in the city.

We also visited the Statue of Liberty, and on Middle’s second viewing, he prepared me by telling me that the Statue of Liberty lives on an island. We continued visiting the city through Bronx Zoo, a pizza shop and more. All through the video we practiced shapes, counting, colors and reading. When not viewing, the DVD is kept in an Adventure Guide Book, packed with activities relevant to the DVD and city.

There are many cities planned in this series, but currently only the debut New York City DVD/book is available.

This DVD was received as a sample.

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