I love this photo that I took of Cole yesterday. It’s hard to see at this size but he has the cutest expression on his face.
Anyway, I also wanted to share because his new shoes were just perfect for Easter and for the outfit – and everyone was commenting on them so of course I had to share here.
They are the See Kai Run “London” shoe and I got them at My Little Ducks. Even more adorable in person. I was afraid they’d dirty quickly too given the off-white color but he’s worn them a few times and so far so good; they’re holding up well and staying clean.
You can use coupon code MWS10 for 10% off your order of a pair of those, other See Kai Runs or other goods on the My Little Ducks site.
(And if anyone else is curious, the rest is from the Gap. His older brother was wearing the matching vest.)

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