…and you’ll need not go further. The Complete Book of Baby Names by Lesley Bolton features “The 100,001 Best Baby Names” and we’re not kidding. This 675 page book features everything you could need in a baby name book–everything you usually buy several volumes to learn. Included are the parent-to-be requirement of a listing of names with origins and definitions (100,001 of them). Then there are the lists. 276 lists of everything from popular twin names to literary names to famous Bull Rider names. There’s a description of modern naming trends as well as tips for naming, like cultural names, using your family history and mother nature. In The Complete Book of Baby Names, readers will even find a chapter titled “What Not to Name Your Baby.”
The book is organized in an easy to follow, easy to skip around to the parts relevant to you manner. The author writes objectively, keeping most of her opinions to herself. Even in “What Not to Name Your Baby”, Ms. Bolton suggests some names are too inappropriate, but the reader is still left to feel that she can select it. “Keep in mind,” Ms. Bolton writes, “that your hormones are running rampant … names such as Sugar, Cookie, or Snookums should be thought through and cleared with others before being set in stone…”
A great gift for yourself or a friend announcing her pregnancy, The Complete Book of Baby Names is currently on sale at Amazon.


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