True, the baby isn’t due until August, but I’m already just starting to crave bags. Back when Wes, now 3, was in diapers, I was bag crazy. I tried them all. And I’m sure I’ll do that again. Real soon. But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I headed right to a familiar favorite to see their newest bag: the Skip*Hop Studio.
Really, knowing all I know about Skip*Hop, I know I can stop here. Skip*Hop has been my solution to organization, fun and bags of all kinds and needs over the past 6 years. My first was the Duo, which I believe to be Skip*Hop’s first bag. It was everything I needed and nothing to frilly for my husband. And what is most wonderful about this bag is that 6 years later its still in great shape. Reliability is something I’ve learned to count on from Skip*Hop.
So, since Duo #1, I’ve tried out all of Skip*Hop’s bags. (Yes, you read that right… I’m what some may call a Skip*Hop Afficionado.) They’ve been fairly consistent on the organization with the same general pockets inside, adding some on the outside for some bags, changing closures and materials. They’ve also consistently had a “sane” price point. One that I haven’t heard complaints about–Skip*Hop offers a reliable brand, style and universal usability for a decent price.
So, just recently I got the Skip*Hop Studio Tote. And I know what you want to know: and how do I love it?
This bag is a tote bag, whereas many of Skip*Hop’s bags are messengers. This works very nicely for someone of my stature. I’m small for a messenger, they take up a lot of my body. And my body now is bubbling outwards, making it really difficult to wear a messenger. So with the Studio, I’m able to carry over my shoulder, not over my protruding belly. The straps hang 8-10 inches, which keeps it nicely under my arm.
The exterior is a ribbed, silky twill. It shines, so its glammed enough to wear to a cocktail party or office meeting (read that: yes, you can wear this before and after diapers–it even holds my laptop!) The lining is a contrasting color (my black bag has a tan colored interior.
The interior of the bag is standard Skip*Hop with 2 bottle-sized pockets, 4 larger pockets that easily fit diapers and wipes and a side zip pocket to hold accessories. It also has a key clip and closes with a zipper. Easily, this bag, like all other Skip*Hops holds more than the essentials for a newborn through toddler. And, of course, it comes with a padded changing pad in the same color as the interior.
The exterior houses 2 more bottle pockets, this time insulated. on the “back” of the bag are a zippered anti-microbial-treated pocket (perfect for storing dirties) and an open pocket (where a mom who “knows” stores a coloring book for the big kids and magazine for doctor’s visits.) On the front is a zippered pocket where I store small items like my cell, lipstick and a pack of tissues. This pocket is attached to the bag on the bottom with a snap, so that it can be floppy. At first, I interpretted this as a decoration element, didn’t see the point. But further inspecting, I found you can stash a blanket or sweater rolled up there–extra baggage holder! As well, there is a roomy pocket below the snap, perfect for small toys, pacifier, or more or big-sib items like crayons, pens and an ipod.
Do I like it? Will I use it? Does one really have to wonder? Its wipeable lining, sharp style and organizational elements all add up to a huge positive YES. The Skip*Hop Studio Tote will be used… again and again. In fact, even without diapers, I’ve started carrying it around.

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