Abbracci Outside View-1.jpgHave you ever looked at your kids thought to yourself “I wish I could I get a massage right now” only to realize that this is going to happen at precisely the same moment pigs fly, due to the little darlings that got your muscles in a twist to begin with?
Well look to the sky if you live in the Los Angeles area. Your day has come with the opening of Spa Abbracci in Redondo Beach California, a new spa that caters to moms and offers (gasp!) free childcare Wed- Fri while you receive services. It’s a full range spa/medical spa and offers services from massages and facials to laser hair removal and botox. That’s right mommy, time to turn that frown, upside down!
Spa Abbracci founder Tisha O’Dowd was formerly the skincare expert on HGTV’s “Smart Solutions” . She specifically wanted to create a warm and inviting homelike atmosphere for the spa. Treatment rooms feature chandeliers and soft furnishings. And because Tisha is a mom herself, she wanted to create a place that was accessible to other moms.
This is an idea so revolutionary that I had to check the spot out myself. I brought the kiddos along and when it was time to go my son had to be forcibly removed from their playroom, he was having such a grand old time. I’m sure they heard him screaming, “Go Back!” for several blocks after we left. I sort of shared the sentiment. I’d barely had time to peruse the on site boutique which offerred a skillfully edited selection of gifty and personal items for both kids and adults. I saw many new and interesting products there and wanted them all!
I don’t often write up local businesses but this one was so special that I thought it was a good resource for anyone who lives in the area or has a visit planned. We need to give mom friendly businesses like this a shout out. Hopefullly more will be opening soon. In a neighborhood near you – and me!
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