Sometimes I see a baby product and I think, man, I wish I had that when my kids were younger!  The Pognae Baby Carrier is one of them.  Soft and comfy, this baby carrier is one both you and your baby will love!  I was a huge fan of baby carrying with my youngest – it’s so key to be hands free when you have more than one you have to deal with when you’re out and about.

One of the key things to look for with a carrier is comfortable straps.  Depending on how much your baby weighs, you want something that’s going to support that baby weight.  Love these padded straps from Pognae to help support carrying the baby.

There’s also a mesh cooling vent to help keep you and baby cool (it can be a workout to carry baby around).

The Pognae Baby Carrier comes in 8 different patterns that are all super cute!  They are normally $89 but range in price on sale right now for $55-$65.

Disclaimer: A sample (which is now being happily used by a friend with a newborn) was provided of a Pognae wrap.

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