So normally I wouldn’t be so excited about a drink, but I really am about this one!  For one thing, I don’t drink soda and I try and not drink anything that has calories in it most days.  (Other than morning coffee with creamer)

But I do love tea and this new product from Lipton Tea & Honey has only 5 calories per serving — it’s sweetened with natural honey!  In other words, there’s no nasty artificial sweeteners and the tea is made from real tea leaves and real fruit flavors. (6 different flavors!)

And while I said I don’t drink anything with calories, sometimes I *crave* it.  On the rare occasion, I’ll get a lemonade but I know it’s added sugar I don’t need.

Which is why I’m so pumped about Lipton’s new Tea & Honey.  It comes in little packets of flavored powder that you can literally just pop into your water bottle, shake and then have a flavored drink!  For only a couple of calories! So refreshing this time of year with the summer heat.  I will definitely be packing several boxes of these to take to the beach this summer.

And speaking of the beach. I was charged to share what my beach bag must-haves are. What’s is with me at all times when I’m at the beach.

Here’s my list, what is yours?

Beach Bag Must Haves:
-Sunscreen for me & the kids
-My Kindle (in a Ziplock Bag – helps prevent sand damage!)
-Cell phone
-Money for the kids for the ice cream truck
-Sand toys for the kids

To celebrate the product announcement, Lipton is giving away a limited number of Lipton Tea & Honey samples.

To receive free samples you can visit (links to Facebook where you can enter in your address)